Home care is a health option offering a broad range of medical care and support services provided in the home. Services range from simple assistance in the activities of daily living to high-tech medical procedures.

Home care is a cost-effective alternative to hospital and nursing home stays. Home care services are provided through a variety of home care providers, whether independently owned or associated with hospitals, public health departments or national comapanies.

There are currently 217 licensed home health care agencies in the state of Arkansas, and they provide services in all 75 counties.  Of those 172 are licensed to provide skilled services such as nursing or therapy and are certified by Medicare and Medicaid and 45 are licensed to provide non-skilled care such as persoanl care through Medicaid.

In addition to those licensed by the Department of Health, Arkansas is fortunate to have a number of agencies that provide Personal Assistance Services that may be covered by private insurance or paid for by the client.  These agencies that are members of the HomeCare Association of Arkansas have met membership standards that demonstrates their committment to quality services, ehtical business standards and superior employment practices.  The goal of these standards is to ensure that the clients served by these member agencies receive safe, compete, quality and respectful home care services.

Other home care providers include home infusion companies and providers of durable medical equipment used in the home.